WeLive5.2.0 English Version Released, Welcome to download and use it!

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WeLive5 Introduction:

   WeLive5 is an enterprise-class online customer service system, it's main features as below:

   1. Developed by PHP, based on WebSocket communication technology;

   2. Five color styles, and also support mobile and PC terminals;

   3. Intelligent robot online support;

   4. Uppload images after authorizing by online support;

   5. Automatic distribution of guests;

   6. Guest can be Transfered to Other online support;



    1. PHP5.0 or above.

    2. MySQL5.0 or above.

    3. PHP Socket module loaded. 

        Re: Wamp Server is recommended to install on local computers for testing WeLive5.

Download WeLive:

      WeLive5.2.0 English Free Edition


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